Industrial Master Blaster – Toronto Act PLEASURE ACT With ‘DEAD WEIGHT’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

18 January 2022

Who: The new project of
Toronto musician Sam Lewis

New single: DEAD WEIGHT

From upcoming debut LP Mirrors, and Windows.
A concept album that follows the character arc of
the protagonist introduced in our previous single
Bag Down.

New single: DEAD WEIGHT
“The protagonist grapples with self loathing and fear brought
on by a newfound self-awareness and introspection.”

Turn Up The Volume: After a ghostly intro, the drone machine starts
up hitting like a massive sledgehammer with an industrial exuberance.
Merciless and puissant. No rest for the wicked. Think The Horrors and NIN.

A master blaster! Absobloodylutely!

He’s a bone holding flesh he’s a blood test
He’s a messenger
He’s the cold on an old snow covered road
He’s trapped inside a mirror

Bite the edge, get your teeth in, cock the gun, feel it breathing
Taste the noise, begging to leave control, eating from a bleeding hand
Pulling on a dead weight
Pulling on a dead weight

Buy/stream here…


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