New Albums 2022 – ‘EVERYTHING WAS FOREVER’ By (British) Anthemic Rockers SEA POWER

19 January 2022

Band: SEA POWER (Reading/Brighton, UK)

Who: Socially engaged indie pop-rockers who started their journey back in 2003.
In the very beginning, they operated as British Air Power, but changed it quickly to
British Sea Power. But last summer the band announced another name change,
dropping ‘British‘.

(photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Why? They told The Guardian: “It was the combination of “British” and “Power” that
no longer worked for us. We imagined a youngster at a European festival in the 21st
century looking at the programme and seeing a band name including the word “Hungarian”
or “Russian” alongside “Power”. It would likely send your mind in a certain direction – quite possibly to the isolationist, adversarial nationalism that has recently taken a hold around the world. We’ve always wanted to be an internationalist band – as heralded in our track Waving Flags, a song of pan-European idealism.”

Along came the news of a new longplayer – their seventh full length – five years after
the sterling The Dancers Inherit The Party, which, in a normal world, would have been
a massive hit LP. Anthemic tunes, rich sound, sharp observations on politics, on our neglected environment, on people’s crumbling togetherness, and on life in general…
oh, before I forget this: go see them play live if you have the opportunity, and you’ll
have a glowing experience. Trust me, I saw them several times.

The new one, titled EVERYTHING WAS FOREVER
lands on 11 February. Pre-order info here.

Singles/clips: Two Fingers / Folly / Lakemand Echo




SEA POWER: Facebook – All Albums

Pre-order info here

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