Happy 74 To ALICE!

4 February 2022

Vincent Damon Furnier aka ALICE COOPER was born on 4 February 1948 in Detroit, Michigan. Happy 74 to the bombastic rocker. As a 16-year old he started to play in some bands, like The Spiders and Nazz. As Todd Rundgren’s band also called Nazz, Cooper and his henchmen came up with another name, Alice Cooper (it was the group’s name at first).

Between 1969 and today Alice canned 28 studio LPs, with Detroit Stories, released
last year, as the most recent one. The shock-rocker is still alive and kicking… and paranormal.

2022 Tour

Alice is not eighteen anymore,
the school has been out for him
for a long time…


School’s Out

ALICE COOPER: All Albums – Facebook

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