GODSPEED Or Not GODSPEED That’s The Question

6 February 2022

Canadian sound-explorers GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR released
their first album All Lights Fucked on the Hairy Amp Drooling in 1994,
only on cassette with a weird total of 33 copies that were sold in an eyeblink
but so far not one copy surfaced. Well, that’s what a couple of Godspeed
members said in a 1998 interview.

Guess what? Yesterday, an anonymous user posted on /mu/ – Music,
a wiki website “dedicated to all things relating to 4chan’s /mu/ board and
music-related information”
a folder of 68 minutes of music over 24 tracks
accompanied by a long message of how the user got hold of it. Read the
full statement here. Cleaner versions of “Random Luvly Moncton Blue(s)
and “Dadmomdaddy” two purported tracks from the lost album are part
of the folder.

A YouTube member named naskivik uploaded the alleged lost album on YT.
Whoever this is, whatever this is, it’s totally fascinating and totally Godspeed-like


Ps: The band’s name comes from a 1976 black-and-white
Japanese documentary about the crimes of a Japanese biker
gang called the Black Emperors.

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