SPOTLIGHT On… Tornado Punks From South-London ‘SHAME’

Three favorite tracks from favorite Turn Up The Volume bands

11 February 2022

(photo by Turn Up The Volume)


Who: Razor-sharp-verbal punks from South London, led
by blasting blusterer Charlie Steen, from South-London.

Charlie Steen (frontman) about Boris Johnson & Co: “The government
is fucking useless, disgusting. But the people and so many communities have
really come out to help and support each other. Where there’s a crack, there’s
always light, I guess.”

Albums (so far): Songs Of Praise (2018) and Drunk Tank Pink (2021).

Three TUTV favorites: Dust Of Trail / Alphabet / Concrete

(From ‘Songs Of Praise’)

(From ‘Drunk Tank Pink’)

(From Songs Of Praise,
boiling live performance)

Europe Tour 2022

US Tour 2022

SHAME: Facebook – Instagram

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