SALEM WOLVES Go Mental On Red-Hot-Blooded Stroke ‘HOSTILE MUSIC’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

11 February 2022

(Photo Credit: Erin Patton)

Who: Hefty psychotronic
heathens from Boston, MA


Gray Bouchard: “‘Hostile Music’ is as direct a statement of purpose as you can find.
We make hostile music for a hostile world. The world is as vicious as it’s ever been and
we’re all barely keeping up. So this is us announcing our renewal, our focused aggression.”

Turn Up The Volume: Holy smoke! This hot-blooded stroke hit me and my ears
from the moment the first chord blasted out of my shaking stereo. Ardent anxiety
and edgy excitability dominate this fanatical outburst. And when the clamorous
chorus erupts you’ll go mental just as these wolves do. Holy smoke!

This mad motherrocker triggers you to
go out and kick some hostile idiots…

Buy here via Bandcamp…

SALEM WOLVES: Facebook – Spotify

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