London’s Noise Jet CROWS Attacks Again – Hear New Crime Inspired Brainbreaker ‘ROOM 156’ Here

Daily electricity to load your batteries

14 February 2022

Who: Post-punk
hit team from London

The follow-up to their smoking debut
LP Silver Tongues (2019).

Out: April 1st – Bad Vibrations Records

Crows: “Once we knew Covid was here to stay, we took the first break we’ve taken
since we released our first single ‘Pray’ in 2015. Being locked down for three months
unable to finish the last bits of the record was very frustrating but it did mean we
could come back to the album with fresh ears and make sure it sounded like it
should: a true representation of Crows.”

New single: ROOM 156
Second shared piece after amazeballs lead single Slowly Separate.

James Cox: ““I used to be quite obsessed with true crime, and this song was kind of
born out of researching H.H Holmes and the World Trades Hotel in the 1860’s where
he would murder people staying at his hotel informally called ‘The Murder Castle’. I also got quite obsessed with a faith healer from the early 1900’s called Reverend Major Jealous Divine and reading transcripts of his old sermons, so this is basically just a weird amalgamation of mad shit I read about.”

Frontman James Cox (photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Turn Up The Volume: London‘s noise jet Crows operates in the same
tempestuous space where cacophonous Canadian trio Metz likes to detonate.

This new towering slo-mo groove is a mean sonic beast generating a mind-blowing backwash while chainsawing guitars turn up the decibels to an illegal peak. This brainbreaker is another harbinger for a smashing second LP to come. Can’t wait
to see them next month live again in Brussels.

Turn it up…

CROWS: Facebook

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