LOU REED – 11Th Album ‘THE BLUE MASK’ Came Out 40 Years Ago

Back in time

24 February 2022

One of the greats of all time LOU REED ((March 2, 1942 – October 27, 2013)
released his 11th album THE BLUE MASK 40 years ago today. One of his many unforgettable longplayers, lauded by fans and the press.

Rolling Stone wrote back then: “Lou Reed’s the Blue Mask is a great record, and
its genius is at once so simple and unusual that the only appropriate reaction is wonder.
Who expected anything like this from Reed at this late stage of the game? Even though the Velvet Underground, as critic Lester Bangs once remarked, “invented the Seventies,” Reed
had as much trouble as anyone else in trying to navigate the decade’s actuality. By its end,
he seemed to have just about removed himself from rock & roll for good.”
Score: 5/5.

Back sleeve

I’ll always associate this grand LP with one of his most poignant, most disturbing
and most bewildering songs ever. A delirious goosebumps pièce de résistance tour
de force, lyrically and musically and  Reed’s  raging vocals are flabbergasting.


Waves of fear, attack in the night
Waves if revulsion, sickening sights
My heart’s nearly bursting, my chest’s choking tight

Waves of fear, waves of fear
Waves of fear, squat on the floor

Looking for some pill, the liquor is gone
Blood trips from my nose, I can barely breathe

Waves of fear, I’m too scared to leave
Waves of fear, waves of fear

I’m too afraid to use the phone
I’m too afraid to put the light on
I’m so afraid I’ve lost control
I’m suffocating without a word
Crazy with sweat, spittle on my jaw
What’s that funny noise, what’s that on the floor

Waves of fear, pulsing with death
I curse my tremors, I jump at my own step
I cringe at my terror, I hate my own smell
I know where I must be, I must be in hell

Waves of fear, waves of fear
Waves of fear, waves of fear.”

Full album version

Splendid (shorter) live version

Full LP on Spotify…

LOU REED: All Albums

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