BRIAN ENO – 8th Solo Album ‘AMBIENT 4: ON LAND’ 40 Years Ago Today

Back in time

4 March 2022

Who: Sound wizard, producer and
Roxy Music icon in his early years (now 73)
Active: 1970 – 26 LPs

Anniversary album: AMBIENT 4: ON LAND
Released: 4 March 1982 – 40 years ago

AllMusic/Brian Olewnick wrote: “Instead of using a specific process to generate music
with minimal interference from the composer, he here opts for a more gestural and intuitive approach, creating dreamy pictures of some specific geographical points or evocative memories of them… Eno was a crucial factor in the ambient directions his later work would sometimes take. On Land remains a landmark event in the genre, as well as one of its high-water marks, and sounds entirely up to date 20 years after its initial release. A superb effort.
Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: This one has the intoxicating effect
of valium. Restful and stress-free. The sound of Utopia.

Enter your dreams here…

BRIAN ENO: All Albums – Facebook

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