Experimental And Enigmatic And Accessible – JEFFF The Brotherhood Dropped New EP ‘YE OLDE…’

Extended plays

11 March 2022

Artists: JEFF The Brotherhood
Who: American two-piece rock band consisting of brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall and guitarist , hailing from Nashville, Tennessee.
Active: Since 2001 / 11 studio albums so far


Along with the release comes this message from the bros on their Bandcamp page
(if anybody knows what they’re talking about, give me a call. Thanks.)

“I imbue thee, my divinely favored brother, to ride eastward from the Gates of Alexandria, two moons on palfrey across an ancient sea of cracked earth, o’er a valley with two yellow rivers, ascending upward through the pass between the snowy spade and the rocky twin daggers. There, opens a vast plateau filled with white sand and black stallions, a kingdom without a king, where heretics and saints share prayers in pure faith. Sire, you know of my abstention from the mystical, my shrewdness to decipher the flesh of meat from the scents of hunger, yet I assure you, my worshipful master, that I have reached the Land of Cockaigne!

Sugary smoke and distant drumming waft through palm trees, drawing throngs of Wakoku warriors, Persian nymphs, and Daimo shamans around a trio of musicians. A Jacobite monk, cloaked in a hooded robe, kneels against the earth and blows into a gemshorn, inside which the tootle-too transforms into an herbal potion that flows into the mouths of naked pilgrims. A squirrelly jester donned in bright fabrics with motley patterns, pounds his feet against goat skins, while with strings tied to his fingers, pulls the wind to a standstill and holds back the sun itself from setting beyond the horizon. Sitting on a silk pillow, a swarthy alchemist, his neck wrapped by a sleeping snake, plucks sounds from metal strings that form streams of pink smoke, lifting into the sky and falling down as morsels of soft cheese.

I defy you to ask upon yourself, o faithful priest, whether our brotherhood is bound, not by the oaths we pledge to wars of the flesh, but rather to the communion we share while we await the eternal spirit beyond. Farewell, my all.”

Turn Up The Volume: Both experimental and accessible,
jazzy and psychedelic, enigmatic and within reach.

Stream/buy the 5-track EP here…

JEFF The Brotherhood: Facebook

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