British Power Blues Rock Duo ROYAL BLOOD Unleashed Brand New Hammer Blow ‘HONEYBRAINS’

New striking strokes

20 March 2022

British power blues-rock duo ROYAL BLOOD are bored
sitting at home for the past two years and decided to go on
a massive tour. Along with it they just unleashed a new
hammer blow called HONEYBRAINS.

Royal blood on social media “Instead of sitting on new music, waiting for it
to grow old, we thought it’d be fun to let you in on what we’ve been working on
over the past few weeks before we head out on our biggest tour so far! It’s as
new to us as it is to you. Crank it.”

Honeybrains is a blustery big banger moving
in slo-mo against a wall-of-whopping wacks.

Turn up the heat, folks…


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