Amazing Artwork! Cover Of New Album By Hardcore Bullies NO/MÁS

Eye-catching album cover art

23 March 2022

Band: NO/MÁS
Who: Hardcore bullies from Washington.

“No/Más dispenses a face-ripping combination of grindcore, metal, death, and thrash that would cut deep a decade ago or a decade from now. The Washington, D.C. group — Roger Rivadeneira [vocals], John Letzkus [guitar], Patrick Merson [bass], and Henry Everitt [drums, vocals] — engage an uncompromising sensory assault, barreling forward like a runaway
freight train only bolted to the rails by deft riffing, explosive drumming, and vocal brutality.”

Artwork: Cover of new album CONSUME / DENY / REPENT
Out: 29 April 2022 via Closed Casket Activities,

Here’s lead single EXILE.
A stone-cold ballbreaker…

NO/MÁS: Facebook

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