British Indie Rock Trio SINKA Hit With New Paranoid Single ‘DON’T SPEAK JUST LISTEN’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

24 March 2022

(Photo: Gary Sears)

Who: Steaming indie rock trio
from Watford, England


After two boiling EPs, F.W.Y.K (2020) and Take Me To The Skies (2021) Sinka are back
with this new sinewy steamroller grabbing you by the throat from the opening guitar-riff craziness on. It feels like Sinka are on a kind of petrifying and paranoid run.

Hot-button emotions swing back and forth like if you’re experiencing a near-fatal
bungee jump in your worst nightmare. What a colossal powerhouse stroke, what a colossal eruption, what a colossal vocality. Ace!

Don’t stand up, don’t speak out
Don’t let reality take hold
You are not, free thinkers
You all just do as you are told

Don’t speak, just listen
Don’t speak, just listen

Just listen

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