Another PLACEBO Album – Another Masterpiece For… Devoted Fans

25 March 2022

Band: PLACEBO (London)
Active: 1994-present / 8 studio LPs

New album: NEVER LET ME GO
First since 2013 LP Loud Like Love

Release: 25 March 2022 – Pre-order info here.

NME says: “The result is Placebo’s best and most consistent album since 2006’s dark, intoxicated ‘Meds’ – and might prove their most rejuvenating since 2003’s arena-filling
‘Sleeping With Ghosts’… ‘Never Let Me Go’ is a true renaissance record. It’s no ‘Metal
Machine Music’ or ‘Yeezus’, but a record that finds Placebo inspired and ready for a
new era, reinventing the rock veterans for the modern age.”

Full review here. Score 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: Another Placebo record, another too familiar one,
another mediocre one. But as the cliché goes: another masterpiece for all
devoted fans, until the next one. I was a devoted fan… years ago.

Singles/clips: Surrounded By Spies / Try Better Next Time / Beautiful James




Full album on Spotify…

PLACEBO: Facebook

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