SPORTS TEAM Are Here To ENTERTAIN Us With Jittery Single From Upcoming LP

Daily electricity to load your batterirs

31 March 2022

Who: Future indie rock stars
from London

New album: GULP
Their 2nd longplayer after debut Deep Down Happy (2020)
Out: 22 July 2022 – pre-order info here.


Band: “It’s the packaging down of all human experience into entertainment, prompted
by the infinite scroll through social feeds and the manic formlessness of the images we are
hit with every day. Graphic news interrupted by ads for season 17 of The Bodyguard, news
as a rubbernecking, passively waiting for the next drop of horror as we flick through recipes.”

Turn Up The Volume: An instantly infectious, non-stop buzz and fuzz corker that thunders
as a jittery jackhammer with electric echoes of the straightforward steaminess of Viagra Boys. Zestful guitar sparks, rumbling percussion, and agitated vocals.

That’s entertainment!…

SPORTS TEAM: Deep Down Happy LP – Facebook

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