The New PEPPERS Taste Like The Old PEPPERS

1 April 2022

Who: Veteran L.A. funk-punk rockers
Active: Since 1983 / 12 studios LPs (new one incl.)

Released: 1 April 2022 – order info here

Pitchfork: “‘Unlimited Love’ is competent and comforting—its creators rarely try to grab
your attention but never totally embarrass themselves either. If you’re not on board, then there’s little reason to hop on now. But if you are, or ever have been, then one day you might find yourself like me, looking into some inquisitive, unsympathetic eyes, trying to articulate
what you recommend about this ridiculous, once-radical band.’
Score: 6/10.

Turn Up The Volume‘s ear verdict…

3 Killers: Black Summer / Here Ever After / Not The One

6 So-so: Aquatic Mouth Piece / Poster Child / The Great Apes / One Way Traffic /
Let ‘Em Cry / The Heavy Wing

8 Fillers: It’s Only Natural / She’s A Lover / These Are The Ways / Watchu Thinkin’ /
Bastards Of Light / White Braids & Pillow Chair / Veronica / Tangelo

The new Peppers taste like the old Peppers.
It’s time for a best of and then retirement.

Stream the album on Spotify…

RHCP: Facebook – Website

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