IT IT ANITA Go Double Dynamite With Two New Blasts – ‘MASCARA’ + ‘RESET’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

1 April 2022

Who: Insane noiseniks out of Liege, Belgium.

Works: So far they fabricated three ace LPs Agaaiin (2016),
Laurent (TUTV’s best album of 2018) and last year’s Sauvé.

New single(s): MASCARA + RESET

A straightforward no-nonsense rocker.
No brakes, no breaks. Full steam ahead!

Also a bang-on in-your-face steamroller
with lots of horsepower at play!

Last Wednesday, in my hometown of Ghent, I saw IIAA for the umpteenth time. The first time ever without co-frontman Damien Aresta (not only a great loudmouth but also a great guy). To be honest, it was weird not seeing/hearing you, but to be honest again (excuse-moi, Damien), two songs in and it didn’t matter who was on stage or not, as I was too busy banging my head to the tsunami of blaring blasts coming my way.

At times I thought that Michaël Goffard‘s head would explode while riffing and yelling his ass off and (new) co-vocalist Elliot Stassen growls like the frontman of a death-fucking-metal band while he tortures his bass the way we, nutcases, like it. And of course, maniacal drummer Bryan Hayart did what he does best: hammering his sticks like
an octopus on dope.

With or without Damien, IT IT ANITA RULE!

I don’t know about you,
but I’m going to SAVE myself again…

IT IT ANITA: Facebook – Bandcamp – Spotify

Live photos by Turn Up The Volume

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