Ukrainian Animator Visualises Notable Single ‘THE HURT WITHIN’ By Welsh Indie Trio HOLY COVES

Eye-catching video clips

3 April 2022

Welsh indie trio HOLY COVES led by singer-songwriter Scott Marsden released their notable new single THE HURT WITHIN last month through Yr Wyddfa Records (one
of Turn Up the Volume‘s 20 best Knockouts of March 2022).

Turn Up The Volume wrote: “This impassioned hard-luck story grows slowly but surely
into a soul-stirring and mesmerising heartbreaker with an epic finale. Glowing guitars, a
steady drumbeat, and mixed emotions vocals all come together for a poignant performance. ‘Love Is Cruel / The Hurt Within’. You can feel it.”

To visualise the song Holy Coves engaged acclaimed Ukrainian animator and filmmaker Taras Merenkov. He really pulled off an animated tour de force. A visual masterstroke.


HOLY COVES: Facebook

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