Out Of The Blue Grunge Supergroup 3RD SECRET Released Their Lukewarm Debut Longplayer

14 April 2022

(Cover Art: Tim Gabor)

Members of the three biggest grunge bands
ever, formed a supergroup called 3RD SECRET.

The members are Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil, and Pearl Jam/Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron and also Bubba DuPree, guitarist from early-’80s DC hardcore band Void, and vocalists Jennifer Johnson and Jillian Raye, both of whom are in Novoselic’s other band Giants In The Trees.

(Photograph by Mike Hipple)

TUTV: Out of the blue 3rd Secret dropped their self-titled debut LP on the Internet. And? It’s a lukewarm affair. A messy retro collection of power ballads, Led Zep and Sabbath riffs, and 80s hard rock. Pretty heavy here and there, but too many fillers.

NME: “The surprise debut album from 3rd Secret sounds
subdued and uninspired, two things that grunge never was.”

They recently played their first show in Seattle.
Here’s a photo of that gig by Tony Drovetto.

Tony Drovetto for Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP)

Stream on Spotify (no other streaming services so far)

3RD SECRET: Website

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