For Your Eyes – Sensational Video Clip For New EDITORS Single ‘HEART ATTACK’

Eye-catching video clips

21 April 2022

(Credit Press Editors)

British famous combo EDITORS are back in town with new single HEART ATTACK.

Tom Smith (frontman): “It’s a song of obsession, about
losing yourself in someone, a love song, a morbid love song”

TUTV: It’s official now. You can dance to Editors, but
beware don’t overdo it and avoid a heart attack, folks.

The sensational video clip for Heart Attack, is made
by the director and visual artist Felix Geen who says: “Typically
when I’m making a music video I try to tune myself into the song
and find the visual that resonates the loudest

Open your eyes and see a sensational video clip…

EDITORS: Facebook – Spotify

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