Bombastic Sturm Und Drang Metalheads Score Big Time With New Album ‘ZEIT’

2 May 2022

Who: Grotesque metal machine from Germany
Active: Since 1994 / 8 studio LPs (new one included)

New album: ZEIT
Recorded in France
Released: 29 April 2022 – order info here

NME: “‘Zeit’ might be a more reflective album than previous Rammstein records,
but it’s still an energetic, swaggering beast. Nearly 30 years into their career, the
band remain as ambitious and as fiery as ever with their nightmarish, industrial
rock sounding as daring as ever.”
Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: I never thought I would have a Rammstein album in
my play-on-repeat book. The German bombast works this time (= zeit in English)
for me. Their gigantic wall-of-Herculean metal is at times heavy-duty and
overpowering (Giftig / Zick Zack / OK ), at times, yes, musing (Lügen / Adieu).

If you strip many of the tracks here to the bone you’ll hear nothing less than
terrifically infectious pop anthems (think Einstürzende Neubauten when they’re
happy) and that is Rammenstein‘s magical potency. Their stories are about love,
hate, deceit, mental pain, big tits (‘Dicke Titten‘- I hope it’s a sarcastic song about
the perfect woman), and about still living with your mother as an adult (oh no!).
Melodrama from A to Z.

Final result: Sturm und Drang heroics at its entertaining best.


Singles: Zick Zack / Zeit


– ZEIT –

Stream full album on Spotify…

RAMMSTEIN: Facebook – All Albums

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