NOTHINGHEADS Express Frustration With Their New Paranoid And Riff-Mental EP ‘DIGGING’

Extended plays

10 May 2022

Who: Hit team formed through a shared love for London’s DIY music scene.
Their songs draw no boundaries – no subject is too confusing, no sound too
eclectic. The band write collaboratively, harnessing the noise and energy
that comes from playing together.

Available digitally via Holy Dotage Records and as
a limited edition tape cassette via Just Step Sideways.

Turn Up The Volume says:

Three riff-mental haymakers.
Three vitriolic sucker-punches.
Three intimidatory knockouts.

Nothingheads‘ frontman sounds like his own meanest demon, threatening
and ready to kick badasses. This EP was made to scare all the human-destroying
rulers of our paranoid world. If we go to the dogs don’t forget to take this EP with
you. It’ll help to channel your frustrations while Armageddon is grinning around
the corner.

Oh wait, that’s not all. The EP counts 5 tracks, including Worn and Doommbox.
For only 3£ you get the whole EP (digitally) and for 5£ the cassette version.

I added these gunslingers to the list of the British post-punk rebirth featuring
pepped-up bands such as Crows, Black Midi, The Mysterines, Shame and Black Honey.

Stream/buy/dig here…

NOTHINGHEADS: Facebook – Spotify

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