THE BLACK KEYS Released Their 12th Album ‘DROPOUT BOOGIE’ Today

13 May 2022

Band: THE BLACK KEYS (Akron, Ohio)
Who: Best known blues-rock duo in the world
Active: Since 2001 / 12 LPs (new one included)

Released: 13 May 2022 – order info here

Pitchfork: “The Black Keys can still resemble the same dudes from Akron
who found their calling 20 years ago by tuning out the world and getting lost
in their own greasy groove. Only now, they don’t have to settle for merely
conjuring the spirit of their blues-rock idols—they can actually invite them
to their studio.”
Full review here. Score 6/10.

Turn Up The Volume: The Black Keys cover
The Black Keys and sound exactly like The Black Keys.

Singles/clips: It Ain’t Over / Wild Child



Stream the full album on Spotify…

THE BLACK KEYS: All Albums – Facebook

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