Healing Dream Pop Sparks – Electro Trio THERE’S TALK With ‘WATERSIGNWAVE’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

9 June 2022

(photo by Ginger Fierstein)

Who: Electronic dream pop act from Oakland (California), led by Olivia Lee. They effortlessly balance elements of experimental electronica and hazy reverb-drenched shoegaze. Lee’s music is drawn from her childhood love of electronic synthesizers and acoustic piano, her Chinese heritage, and queer identity. She writes music about family, both chosen and blood, and divine coincidence.


“A song for healing from heartbreak and the heavy.”

Score: This healing dream-pop reflection moves like a quietly babbling brook taking you to la-la land, far from the pitiless reality. To a place where romantic redemption leads to hope for the future. Glistening synth sparks, Angel Olsen-like vocals, and a tranquilizing calming tenderness. Lovely, just lovely.

Stream/buy ‘Watersignwave’ here…

Also streaming on Spotify

THERE’S TALK: Instagram

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