EVERYTHING BUT THE EVERYTHING – San Franisco Artist And Friend Entice With New Glowing Single ‘WE WANT MORE’

New striking strokes

16 June 2022

Photo: Altise Altibre

Who: Bay Area music veteran Izzy The Gent. His musical project has moved from a one-man band to an evolved collaboration, like here with frontman Adam Brookes from rock band Dangermaker.

New single: WE WANT MORE

Artwork Ake Raheem

Izzy: “I’ve known Adam Brookes as the singer of the SF rock band Dangermaker. Adam reposted our single “Blue Sun” which sparked the idea of a collaboration. I had a single that was 90% complete (“Open Your Mind”) and a few bassline demos I forwarded. “We Want More” took off quickly. My good friend and Spirit Mother drummer, Landon Cisneros, lends his talents and seals the deal for the vibe of the track.”

Turn Up The Volume
: A bouncy bass and drums vibe take you immediately to a groovy place and when glowing guitars, shiny synths and desirous front-and-back vocals join the ride shortly afterward all of your limbs are moving. This elevating earworm works like a magnet from start to finish. And that 60s Hammond like fragment is just pretty cool. This pair keep it simple but so terrifically effective. I want more, so will you.

Move to the groove here…

Also streaming on Spotify


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