Towering Electro Turbo AUS!FUNKT Soundtracks A 24-Hour Party With Boosting Debut Album ‘TURN TO RUST’

17 June 2022

Band: AUS!Funkt
Who: Post-punk misfits from Toronto, embracing in the process
the elements of electronica, dub, disco, garage rock and blues
while maintaining grittiness, simplicity and repetitiveness.

Motto: “The notes omitted are more important than the ones played.
Looks: like a modern day Devo clique dressed up for a Residents party.

Debut album: TURN TO RUST
Released: 15 June 2022
Buy via iTunes or via Bandcamp

“It comes from a long gestation period. We jammed together for years, slowly putting
pieces together, collecting dozens of tracks, refining them, rehearsing and playing…and
then the pandemic hit. The themes we were tackling suddenly became all too real.”

Turn Up The Volume: Wowzers! Holy smoke! Just like that the perfect 24-hour summer jamboree soundtrack blasts out of my trembling stereo. This towering electro turbo funks and punks, rambles and rumbles, and moves and grooves with the immense impact of a techno-rock steamroller.

What does your body thinks of this? B-52’s with red-hot love shack and psych-o-billy
guitars (Set Yourself Free / Information Yeah! / Where’s My Empathy), Gothic vibrations
with Siouxsie Sioux on vocals (She’s Right Behind / Matter Of Interpretation), Chemical Bros with balls (No Claim / Take Your Sense Back), post-punk-electronica with schizophrenic
dash (Berlin Basement / Socialzied) and a chill-out title track.

All clichés are spot-on true here. No fillers all killers, the album to start and end all
(il)legal parties with, last night Aus!funkt saved my life, born to be alive and, life is too
short to take it too seriously.

Anyway, this record is a non-stop kick-out-the-jams-motherrockers fest for fanatic clubbers, manic disco ravers and anybody else who wants to escape from our grim
reality for a while by jumping up and down like a kangaroo on E. Open your windows
and doors and start a riot in the streets with your neighbors.

Nightmarish clip for the title track…

Start the full spectacle here…

AUS!FUNKT: Facebook – Instagram

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