Symphonic Pop Opera – REGINA SPEKTOR Enthralls With New Album ‘HOME, BEFORE AND AFTER’

24 June 2022

Born Regina Iljinitsjna Spektor (Регина Ильинична Спектор)
Who: Russian-American singer-songwriter, and pianist
Active: Since 1997 / 7 LPs (new one incl.)

New album: HOME, BEFORE AND AFTER – her 1st in 6 years
Out: 24 June 2022 – order info here

Spektor on her FB page: “What a crazy world it has been. And still is.
I’m just so glad it IS… cause knowing us humans, that’s not always a given.
I’m full of extra gratitude and love for the world these days. Just glad to
be here.”

NME says: “As emotional as ‘Home, before and after’ is, there’s a playful, punk attitude to every experimental flourish. This is a colourful, energised collection of work from an artist who could comfortably stay in her own lane, but chooses not to. With twee, indie sleaze and ‘00s alt-rock all finding new footholds in 2022, Spektor finds joy in creating a world all of her own.”
Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: Topnotch record. A pop opera backed by a symphonic orchestra. Every song enthralls. Every song is a Spektor fantasy about love, pain, about her heart and soul. She’s back in supreme style. Welcome.

Singles/clips: Up The Mountain / Coming All Alone / Loveology

(Sublime pop earworm)

(Symphonic mid-tempo lullaby)

(Piano colored grandeur)

Stream full album on Spotidy

REGINA SPEKTOR: Spotify – Instagram

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