Waking Up With… New Rad PVA Banger

Your daily sonic shot of caffeine

5 July 2022

A genre-hopping London three-piece, intuitively blending club music and a smart pop sensibility with the more organic elements and instrumentation of new-wave and post-punk.

PVA says about this new single : “Untethered is a song about release. It’s our current set opener and an introduction to our industrial arm. We wrote it in one session in a burst of chaotic catharsis. The lyrics follow a character being freed from imaginary tethers and experiencing the earth under their feet again.”

Imagine techno beast The Prodigy having fun with German legends Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (D.A.F.). If that doesn’t make you jump out of your bed like a kangaroo on E you’re mind and body is in real trouble.

PVA: Facebook

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