Waking Up… SCREWED

Works faster than caffeine

New Jersey’s indie rock bohos TITUS ANDRONICUS
just announced their 7th LP titled THE WILL TO LIVE.
Its birth day is set for 30 September.

Along comes the brand new single (I’M) SCREWED.
A guitar-glowing jim-dandy to get up to.

“In ‘(I’m) Screwed,’ we are introduced to the narrator of The Will To Live at the moment he realizes the walls are closing in. Be it real or imagined, he feels the pressure building on all sides, a feeling to which many of us can relate, I imagine. His faith and fortitude are tested like never before, and the narrative of the album will reveal whether that pressure crushes him or produces a diamond.”

Get screwed too…

TA: Facebook

Artwork new album THE WILL TO LIVE – Out 30th September via Merge Records

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