THE AFGHAN WHIGS Score A Hattrick – Hear Third Stunner From Their Upcoming LP Here

New striking strokes

23 July 2022

(artwork album)

High-passionate mavericks THE  AFGHAN WHIGS from Ohio
with general Greg Dulli upfront will share their 9th longplayer
named HOW DO YOU BURN? with the world on 9 September.

(‘In Spades’ tour, Brussels – pic by Turn Up The Volume))

Work on it was begun in September 2020 – the COVID pandemic having forced Whigs frontman/songwriter Greg Dulli to abandon plans to tour his highly-praised solo album, ‘Random Desire’ – and continued over the next 14 months. The global pandemic dictated
also that the band record largely apart from, and in different locations to, each other: Dulli,
his co-producer Christopher Thorn and drummer Patrick Keeler together in California; bassist John Curley, guitarist Jon Skibic and strings man Rick Nelson laying down and engineering
their own parts in Cincinnati, New Jersey and New Orleans, respectivel

Pre-Order Info: HERE

The late monumental voice Mark Lanegan came up with the LP’s title.
He contributed backing vocals to two tracks on the record before his
sudden death last February.

New single: A LINE OF SHOTS
The third shared track from the upcoming LP.

Three stunners in a row (all 3 together on Spotify below). A hattrick! A Shot Of Lines is an emotive slo-mo stonker with a reverberant and echoing resonance, instantly enchanting with that characteristic Dulli fervidness. Diamond.


Tour Dates HERE

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