Texan 20+ Rock Choir THE POLYPHONIC SPREE Dropped New Piece ‘GOT DOWN TO THE SOUL’

New striking strokes

24 July 2022

Texan 20+ choir-rock phenomenon THE POLYPHONIC SPREE produced splendid,
sonic waves with 4 excellent albums between 2002 and 2013 but also shook
half of the globe with their spectacular gospel-like-church-gatherings (I know,
I saw them once in Belgium, filling a whole stage and turning the crowd into
a euphoria).

After being quiet for a while they returned last
year with a full length of covers titled Afflatus.

And just now the flock announced a proper new album with new
music, baptized Salvage Enterprise. I’ll come out sometime in 2023.

The first single Got Down The Soul is an
amplified synth/guitar/horns pop exploit.

Check it out…


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