7-Inch History – BOW WOW WOW In 1980 With ‘C·30 C·60 C·90 GO’

Great 7″ inch artwork/vinyl

Band: Bow Wow Wow (London, UK)
Active: 1980–1983, 1997–1998, 2003–2006, 2010–present
Note: Malcolm McLaren, former New York Dolls and
Sex Pistols manager was the creative force behind BWW,
led by teenage star Annabella Lwin

Single: C-30 C-60 C-90 – the band’s debut
Written by: Malcolm McLarenMatthew AshmanLeigh
 and Dave Barbarossa.

Released: 1980
Score: #34 in the UK

The single was also released on cassette (hence the song’s title)
making it the very first cassette single ever.

BOW WOW WOW: Facebook

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