BUZZKILL JOY Fuels Your Weekend

Daily electricity to load your batteries

7 August 2022

Who: A genre-fluid lil punk in pink from the North of England that always aims to
energise, inspire and surprise. His rules are: difference is mandatory, meaning is a must, and constant evolution is necessary. fusing genres like rock, indie, pop, punk, folk, hip hop and anything else that takes my fancy, I’ll keep you second guessing and surprised with every new track I put out – and that’s a buzzkill guarantee. WOW!


‘It follows the character of Billy as he loses his job, his house, his wife and kids, and ultimately maybe his life. After pursuing everything at all costs, we follow Lehman brother’s banker Billy as he chronologically loses everything throughout the worst day of his life, after the bank collapses and everything just keeps going wrong. fusing genres like indie, rock, folk, and a smattering of others, LEHMAN WEEKEND gives an epic, euphoric vibe, yet with stark lyricism and a crescendo you won’t forget.

TUTV: Be ready to jump up and down, left and right. This not-so-happy song sounds terrifically happy. A riveting pop tune that could come straight from a Yungblud album.

If this devil-may-care earworm doesn’t fuel your weekend,
I don’t know what will. You just can’t resist this jubilant

Here’s why…

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