JOAN OF ARKANSAS Have Big With New Kooky Video Clip For Their Steamroller ‘ERASE ME’

11 August 2022

Who: Sludge pop band from Phoenix, Arizona. Their songs cover the gamut of topics but are often driven deep into what it’s like to be piece a of desert trash blowing through gentrified downtown phoenix landscapes, just tryin’ to survive.

From their brand new, hit-and-run
EP ¡Distortionista! (listen/buy below).

“”Erase Me” is a perfect lil capsule of some of our favorite things to do/talk about in our
songs. Musically It’s manic, it’s intentionally distorted and buzzy and fuzzy as hell, the
drummer sounds like he’s on 18 cups of coffee but isn’t coordinated enough to play a convincing punk beat. Gang vocals and a 50-dollar fuzz pedal that is dialed to melting.
Lyrically, It’s about that sneaky suspicion that you will never outgrow your awkward phase,
that you are the ugly duckling that never turned into a swan. Just an Ugly Ass Duck. We are older, we remember when self-doubt was cool.”

Turn Up The Volume: Ridiculous catchy with a head-spinning cadence,
an electrical rush, and elated vocals As short as a Ramones song. For some
reason, I think this could be Pavement if they would write a pop tune as
silver-toned as this one. Sounds like kick-ass fun, right? You betcha

The video clip is pretty kooky too, showing shots from a very old
musical/dance movie (I guess) and, yes; the birth of a punk baby
chicken somewhere in there.

Roll the tape

Wait, folks, here is more havoc.
Check/buy their new EP !DISTORTIONISTA!
here on Bandcamp…


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