CRAMMEROCK Festival – BELGIUM 2/3 September

Turn Up The Volume‘s next festival is this weekend
in Stekene, Belgium. It’s called Crammerock and is
always big fun.

This is the TOP-3 of my ‘must see list.’ (day 1)


Extremely passionate post-rock trio from Belgium.
Frontwoman Ilayda Cicek is a brilliant frontwoman.



I know the chiefs are has-beens. But they’re still popular festival act playing
all of their jukebox hits. Sing-along earworm after sing-along earworm.



Live, the singer-songwriter-crooner (only 28 and already 6 albums of his own on his shelf)
turns up the beat and the heat, as I experienced before. And he smiles on a podium.

Also on my list: Charles, Noordkaap, Kids With Buns and Equal Idiots.


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