Works faster than caffeine

22 September 2022

Who: Amplified indie folk team from London.
Influences: Skinny Lister, Holy Moly & the Crackers,
The Pogues, Bellowhead, Tom Waits, Dylan, Springsteen,
Kate Bush, Frank Turner, Manu Chao, and Chic.

Album trailer

​​New single: SOMERSTOWN
Track from their upcoming LP Soul Of Albion ,
out on 14 October via Woodhead Records.

Rich Quarterman: ““Somerstown, or Somers Town, as it should be written,
is a love song to an oft-forgotten London quarter. Nestled in between the twin
termini of Kings Cross and Euston, it is a rich, colourful tapestry of streets, bars,
laundrettes and storage facilities. Schools, churches, mosques, motels, taverns
and funeral parlours all vie for space in-amongst the graffiti-strewn concrete estates.
It’s a place that is dear to our hearts, as the band have lived, worked, played and
drank here for many years, just like the Pogues did all those years ago.”

If this head-over-heels booster doesn’t activate your limbs you have a mobility
problem and need to consult your doctor. Somerstown rushes full speed ahead.
No brakes, no breaks. Think The Pogues in overdrive with the breath of Dropkick
down their necks. Sounds challenging, right? You betcha. I dare you to
dance to this amplified folk stunner without falling over your feet.

Right here, right now.

Stream on on Spotify

MAN THE LIFEBOATS: Website – Facebook – Spotify

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