WAKE-UP CALL – Hip Shaking Debut Single ‘SALE’ by HANG LINTON

Works faster than caffeine

28 September 2022


Who: British musician, visual artist, filmmaker
and avant-funk enchanter based in Berlin.

Debut single: SALE feat. LeBron Aggressive

“‘Sale’ reflects Hang Linton’s sphere of influence and expansive musical world as he
playfully cites his biggest inspirations as ‘Talking Heads and binging The Apprentice’.
It’s enigmatic and powerfully energetic, accompanied by a soundtrack of futuristic
synths, his vocals switching between smooth earworm choruses and spoken-word recital. Armed with a setup of samplers, synths and visuals, Hang Linton is here to demand your attention.”

TUTV: This funky hip-hop uplift does what great hip-hop vibes do. Having
a prompt impact on your hips’ movements that in turn activate your whole
body’s spryness. Think of rap hero Roots Manuva‘s flamboyant flow.

SALE is for sale, go get it.

Also making waves on Spotify

HANG LINTON: Facebook – Instagram

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