5 New Indie Injections – Week 40 – 2022

New rad indie cuts to re-charge your batteries with, weekly

3 October 2022

Band: GRLwood
Who: The musical project of singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist Rej Forester that started solo in 2016. GRLwood currently performs as a duo, consisting of Forester and drummer, Mia Morris.


The track maintains a retro, dream-like beat with punching vocals that hone in on the song’s message. This single deals with the often taboo subject of child abuse, and suicidal feelings from an early age. Although it can be hard to digest, the reality is that many children are in situations where they have similar feelings. Now that Rej is out of that situation, she is healing her inner child, and through this song, she hopes to help others feel less isolated in whatever they are going through.

Kid Bruises is a massive power-pop shout-out fed by anger, frustration
and hearftelt resentment following horrible experiences as a child.

Share this around your social media. It’s a crime to ignore this awful reality

GRLwood: Instagram

Who: Indie youngsters from Wales

“Think youthful arrogance, raucous guitars, explosive drums and anthemic vocals
soaked in enough saturation to get you sweating and begging for more. That’s Ratoon!”

Single: MY MONEY

“It’s about the current climate. The government and current climate seem to be inflating the cost of living and the working man seem to be having their hard earned money taken away. Whether it’s increased tax and electric, to gas to heat their home.”

This is what real punk ‘n’ roll is about. It’s played by young wolves who rattle and clatter with a critical attitude, rebellious vim and titanic tunes like this. Holy smoke, here come some juvenile must-hear gunslingers.

RATOON: Facebook

Band: FEEP
Who: Boston 4-piece born from a cosmic spark shooting a
across the void and into your sensory organs.

Debut single: TAKE A PILL

Robert McDonald (guitarist/co-vocalist: “It’s a sarcastic commentary
on today’s society, and how we must tone ourselves down in order to belong.”

This spellbinding mid-tempo psych jam circles around a bad-ass rotating
riff that you can’t get out of your flipped-out mind afterward for a while.

Trust me, FEEP will be your new favorite medication.

Buy your pill here.

FEEP: Instagram

Who: Rebellious noisenik trio

From their brand new debut EP Outlet. Check it out here.

Jacob Kyte (singer-guitarist) says, “We’ve come out the arse-end of a global pandemic,
only to be greeted by a massive increase in living costs, with a government that doesn’t give
a fuck about their country, or have any interest in fixing it — but kudos to them for no longer hiding their disdain for ordinary people.”

This is a full-blast-on sharp-cutting sledgehammer.
Nasty, provocative, and in-your-ugly-government-face.
Hell yeah!

Stream/buy here.


Who: A singer-songwriter from Alliston, Ontario
bringing Edgy Rock with a dash of humour – don’t call it dad rock.

New single: DE-EVOLUTION

“The melody and words for “De-Evolution” came pretty easily, after a brief exploration of social media. I learned really quickly that it’s best to ignore the majority of what people are arguing about online, regardless of whichever side they are on. That idea inspired the lyrics.”

Is it the end of the modern world, as we know, it? I have no clue, really,
but it’s not like we all do enough to avoid a total breakdown.

Anyway, Boyer, translates his pessimistic views on this matter into a guitar-insane blues belter for all of us who don’t care but should. Play it to the max and hope that one day – rather sooner than later – everybody loves everybody.

Turn up the heat here.


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