Weekly indie fuel

30 January 2023

Who: Alt indie 4-piece founded by three friends from the villages of Cumbria (UK). They forged a sound alive with the drama of the sprawling hillsides that surrounded them and the local party scene they grew up in. Now based in Manchester and accompanied by their producer/drummer. The band released its self-titled debut late last year, followed by
EP Pistols.

New single: ODD DAY OFF
Third shared track from the new,
upcoming album.

Adrian Ingham (guitarist): “All the wrong Chords in the right order.”

TUTV: A vehement guitar rocker, twisting and turning, electrified with
whipped-up riffs and nervous vocals. Another tenacious stroke from
these head-on Brits.

DEATHRETRO: Instagram Facebook

Who: Rock gang from Poland, making an explosive
mix of 60sgarage/70s punk/80s hardcore/90s trash

From the band’s new, second, album out on 24 February.

TUTV: Expect a tsunami of diabolic riffs and vicous hooks,
untamed organs and jittery vocals. Garage punk hullabaloo
to start massive moshpits with. Moronic slam. Moronic fun.

Go mental.

MORON’S MORONS: Facebook – Instagram

Who: He was the singing drummer for late
80’s Montreal pop-punks the Doughboys

New single: ANEMIC HEART

TUTV: The jangly plangency of Dinosaur Jr. immediately popped up in my mind
when this pithy psych jam activated my ears. The electrically-charged flow and
the keyed-up vocals dominated this break-up outpouring. Score!

Press play.

BROCK PYTEL: Facebook – Instagram

Who: Darkwave duo – frontman Matt Spatial and
drummer Michael Allen – from Georgia, Atlanta.

New single: SICK FIX

TUTV: This steamed-up stormer is the notable result of a post-breakdown
and fight-back experience of Matt Spatial. Hysterical guitars, anxious synths
and hurried vocals build a towering wall-of-fired-up sound with a hair-rising
impact, bringing manic New York noisemakers A Place To Bury Strangers to mind.
What a sick slam dunk.

Tune in.


Who: A 4-piece that seeks to bring a personalized tone into the Nashville scene. Each member has their own feats and accomplishments that contribute to the band’s style. Influences ranging from metal mixes to opera & 80’s rock, the band hopes to showcase their personal style and unique approach to their music.

New single: PRISONER

“Prisoner” is about being captured and trapped by someone’s love. That feeling of
passion that one craves. The long but intentional guitar solos in the song embodies
that feeling. Carrying those notes long just like how much the singer is suffering:
long and intensely.”

TUTV: This mid-tempo power ballad creeps slowly but surely under your
skin with its anthemic dynamics, impassioned vocals and weeping guitars.
A melodramatic power stroke.

Let’s roll.

7DESCENT: Facebook

Weekly Fuel With 5 NEW INDIE INJECTIONS – Part 2

Weekly indie fuel

16 January 2023

Who: Utterly cool British spooky
punk-wave-electro-Goth artist.

New single: HEATER

TUTV: Heather sounds like Courtney Love, pretty addicted on Nina Hagen
while banging her head to a wall and thinking she’s Fever Ray in the end.

Crazily awesome, right? you bloody betcha.

PRETTY ADDICTED: Facebook – Instagram

Who: KV Hopper – a musician and product designer living in Portland, OR – and Elizabeth LoPiccolo is a musician, film photographer, and performer living in Brooklyn, New York.

Piece from their upcoming EP ‘Everyone in Water‘ out 20th Jan (digitally)
and 21st Feb (Vinyl) via Hidden Harmony Records.

TUTV: Trippy, dancey, vibey and dreamy. This contagious pop tune is
so refreshing and stimulating, brightened by LoPiccolo‘ uplifting vocality
that it puts a big smile on your face.

Tune in.

LONG TWINS: Instagram

Who: Italian post-punk act.

Single/video: THIN ICE
From their buzzing debut album Fiesta.

“Musically, it’s a nervous mid-tempo post-punk-ska orchestral tune, sort of Talking Heads-esque. Lyrically, it is quite representative of our approach, both as people and as a band. An approach that can be summed up by the famous Winston Churchill’s quote: “If you’re going through hell, keep going”. We learnt, as musicians and young adults, that things tend not to work properly way more often than they do. But it’s not a big deal, It’s actually what makes life, love and art so special”.

TUTV: Mid-tempo razzle-dazzle groove you can show your best ska moves to.

LEATHERETTE: Facebook – Tour Dates 2023

Who: A fuzzy alt rock band from Wales.
The Pixies, Weezer and Pavement think
they’ve died and gone to Jazzmaster heaven.


TUTV: Unlucky has a slow-mo Dinsosaur Jr slacker vibe fueled with glowing
guitars. It has a slowly but surely addictive impact after a couple of spins.

Feel lucky here.

SWAN HILL: Facebook

Photo by Gavin McCleod

Who: Canadian singer-songwriter.

New single: NOBODY BUT YOU

“Have you ever been so helplessly in love with something that you know is without a doubt, so bad for you? For me, that love isn’t for a person but a twisted state of mind. For ‘Nobody But You,’ I wanted to create a dark dreamy atmosphere with a lot of room for vocals. I wrote this song on piano, in a tiny closet on a cassette player, with the hope that it would sound a lot bigger than reality.’

TUTV: Nothing But You is an electrically-charged reverie, a guitar-and-vocal powered stroke with an insidiously hypnotic effect. Top stuff!


5 NEW INDIE INJECTIONS – Week 47 – 2022

Weekly indie fuel

22 November 2022

Band: VAZUM (Detroit, Michigan)

Who: Zach Pliska and Emily Sturm. The project started in 2017.
They describe their sound as deathgaze, combining the raw energy
of deathrock with the depth of shoegaze. So far the duo released
four albums and a handful of singles and EPs.


Info: Vazum rebell against the stranglehold a precious few have over the music
industry, they forge ahead with The Precious Ones s is influenced by punk, alt and deathrock. Their next album, V Sessions, is due out next Spring.

TUTV: Vazum ventilate their anger versus the money-greedy corporate music industry
with this brutal straightforward shocker generating a wall-of-fuck-the-elite-labels sound that bulldozes its way on repeat with schizo guitars, a non-stop spiteful rant and Emily Sturm‘s freakish backing vocals. Bang-on!

Shut your mouth
No one wants to hear more
Same old sounds
We’re all so bored
Turn you down
No one wants to hear more
Plagued by doubt
You’re all Poseurs

Buy/stream here…

VAZUM: Facebook – Instagram

Who: Darkwave artist from Kenora, Ontario. Her music is an instinctive
mixture of 80’s dark wave and experimental electronic music performed
alongside a lo-fi dancer on stage.

New tracks: GO and DRIFTING featuring Mike Mare ‘DALEK).

TUTV: Edged echoes of electro acts such as Fever Ray, Cherry Glazerr,
and Crystal Castles
pop up here, but it’s Sparkesss‘s own imaginative
musical vision, spine-chilling orchestrations and enigmatic vocality
that stand out. Impressive. Two times.

Buy/stream both tracks
via Bandcamp

CAMILLA SPARKSSS: Facebook – Instagram

Who: Indies out of Manchester, UK

New single: SPAT OUT
From the upcoming self-titled debut album.

Info: If you’ve ever set your watch 10 minutes ahead to trick yourself into gaining
extra time, ‘Spat Out’ is the moment you 100% relate. Painfully aware of the unease each passing second can bring, Manchester’s most raucous jam-band Chew Magna are serving up a frenzied guitar rush of realisation that whether we like it or not, time waits for no one.

Laurie (singer): “It’s fuelled by the frustration of being up against time,
of the fleetingness of life whilst having this nagging feeling of missed

TUTV: Pushed by a non-stop driving drum/bass vigor Chew Magna go fast forward from
the very start as if they’re afraid to run out of time. Agitated guitar lines turn paranoid, tense vocals add urgency to this classy cracker, and the sonic temperature rises up now and then causing a feverish effect. Top stuff.

CHEW MAGNA: Facebook – Instagram

Band: WAXX!
Who: A 6-piece fuzzy psychedelic band hailing
loud and proud from glittering Norwich (UK).

New single: VAMPIRES

Info: Vampires is a soundscape that’s a new take on familiar sounds – laced with 90s ear worms and textured in nostalgic house piano tones, swirling trippy guitars, pounding bass and a back beat filled with big fills, bongos and tambourines. With its tongue in its cheek and an appraising eye, Vampires is a Britpop stomper about all those people out there happy to bloodsuck their way up the ladder with no care for how it affects their immortal soul.

TUTV: No way to escape the merciless vampires that surround us in daily life. It feels
like these crusaders WAXX! want to crush them with this psycho-delic cry-out that speeds forth and back. Irritated voices make their point, and classic guitar soloing completes the angry energy at work here.

WAXX!: Facebook

Who: Canadian duo – Jennifer Di and Mike Allain – have developed a gritty cinematic sound that aims to captivate listeners with soaring anthemic melodies and raw personal lyrics. The pair bonded over their eclectic range of musical tastes and saw an opportunity to take to the stage, collaborating on something new inspired by a shared love of the sounds that defined the 80’s and the UK music scene. Bands like The Cure, Depeche Mode, White Lies, and Chvrches are a major source of inspiration behind the synth-driven sound of Evil Tongues’ music.

New single: CATCH ME

Jennifer Di: From a young age, I’ve always been pretty focused on going after my dreams, which I’ve learned also comes with a lot of sacrifices. As much as I don’t regret any of the decisions that I’ve made to get here, every now and then a little voice inside my head questions has this all really been worth it? And if everything falls apart, will anyone be there to catch me? Or have I sacrificed too much? This song was written about one of those conversations that I had with myself, and acknowledging my fears yet blowing past them.

TUTV: Catch Me is an affecting dream-pop tune that floats around like a seagull carried
by the wind. Both breezy and wandering. Di‘s heartfelt voice, a cinematic synth glow, and the fervid chorus unite beautifully.

Catch the vibe here..

EVIL TONGUES: Facebook – Instagram

5 NEW INDIE INJECTIONS – Week 46 – 2022

14 November 2022

(Photo credit: Diana Villalobos)

Who: California-based singer-songwriter Rey Villalobos.

From new album ‘Golden Planet Sky’, out 20th January 2023

Villalobos: “I was floating around the city at the time, in a blurry dream state, contemplating all the time spent and wasted on imposters. Encapsulated perfectly
in the lyrics “I am feeling lost and weighted, superficially unrelated, fix me up I’m tired
of waiting I’m jaded ugly so outdated, I’m gone, I’m gone.” I am feeling lost and weighted, superficially unrelated, fix me up I’m tired of waiting I’m jaded ugly so outdated, I’m gone,
I’m gone.”

Your Feathers Up is vitriolic and fast paced, blending deep guitar riffs recalling
the fervent songs of Arcade Fire, with a lush, dreamier Americana hue.

TUTV: This is an addictive groove with a catching flow, near-whispering vocals
growing in avid intensity along the way and a sticky chorus. All elements for
a top tune.

Listen/watch here…

THE CORAL SEA: Facebook – Instagram

Who: Musician, composer and performer, describing himself
as a “natural born underdog.” With over 15 years of experience
in the industry


Payne describes how his life is changing throughout the song, but no amount
of fame or distraction could deviate him from the one he loves. The tender lyrics
contrast in the baddest way possible with Justine‘s gritty delivery.

TUTV: Expect a slow-burning slacker cracker with poignant Dinosaur Jr echoes and
garage rock reverberation stoked up by cranked-up guitars. As the song progresses
Payne spellbinding voice takes over. Breathtaking.

Tune in here…

JUSTIN PAYNE & CO: Facebook – Instagram

Who: Hamilton-based indie dream pop quartet.


Their 3rd single. A song written before the band ever came together.
Lead vocalist Chrys and guitarist Mom used to perform as an acoustic
ukulele-guitar duo before starting Linebeck.

It was inspired by modern dating in the digital age and the misgivings
that come along with it. The lyrics in “Waste My Time” speak to the feelings
of fear and reservation in the beginning stages of a relationship – wanting to
protect yourself before getting too invested, and asking for open and honest communication before putting your heart on the line.

TUTV: Amplified dream pop spiced with
shoegazy guitar layers and crystal vocals.
Exquisite piece.

Listen here…

LINEBECK: Facebook – Instagram


Who: An indie trio from Toronto, fusing a wide range of sonic elements with
emotive lyrics, the band arrives at a unique sound through each member.


Lead vocalist Matias Gutierrez was inspired to write the song after reading an article
about the effects of the pandemic on the lives of independent artists in North America.
He sympathized with the feelings of frustration and helplessness particularly through his own experiences during the pandemic and feeling like he wasn’t in control of his own life.

It’s a soul-stirring pearl of a ballad. The combination of twinkling guitar
play, a spine-chilling cadence, and melancholic vocals work grippingly.

Think Lou Barlow and Sebadoh at their dreary best.



VELVET BEACH: Facebook – Instagram

Who: Canadian singer-songwriter


This song isn’t written by J Mascis, but
it could have been. Similar mix of slacker
rock and shoegaze vibrations. Electricity.

Stream/buy here…


5 NEW INDIE INJECTIONS – Week 45 – 2022

New indie fireworks to charge your batteries with, weekly

7 November 2022

Who: The musical collaboration between husband and wife duo Fox & Bex,
based between Dublin and Berlin. Inspired by a relentless passion for 1980’s
Italo Disco and New York Mutant Disco.

New single: PROVIDENCE
The third piece the duo shares from their upcoming
full-length named Integration, out early next year.

Ominous techno beats.
Ominous lyrics/vocals.
Ominous 2022 war sound.

Otherworldly, robotic, and trance-inducing.
Ask your questions here…


Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Freaks Club Band

Who: Misfits making make music about inside-out cats, weird doctors,
pillowmen and other kooky characters.

Last year they unleashed debut longplayer Teatime Terrors
and now the freaks have a new direful video out for the LP’s
opener BANANA BOY.

“Banana Boy was the naughtiest boy the world had ever seen, and every time
that he did a bad thing – a banana would grow where his finger had been.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if the eccentric Ron Mael, the mustache weirdo
of the Sparks brothers plays organ here and is the guy behind the creepy
leatherface mask in the video.

Press play for some freaky fun…


(Photo by Stefan Evans)

Who: A Danish indie pop trio. They marry a retro 80’s inspired sound
with modern pop production. The name ‘Fusia’ comes from the flower
fuchsia which is an almost artificial-looking flower, even though it’s natural.


About: The song protests against the inactions of the climate debate
symbolized by a pickup truck driver who eats red meat and only thinks
of himself while driving towards the abyss.

A striking stroke and bracing banger fueled by an angry groove
and alarming vocals/lyrics. The cranked-up chorus says it all.

FUSIA: Facebook – Instagram

Band: WAXX!
Who: A 6-piece fuzzy psychedelic band
hailing loud and proud from glittering Norwich.

New single: VAMPIRES

Vampires is a soundscape that’s a new take on familiar sounds – laced with 90s earworms and textured in nostalgic house piano tones, swirling trippy guitars, pounding bass and a back beat filled with big fills, bongos and tambourines. With its tongue in its cheek and an appraising eye, Vampires is a Britpop stomper about all those people out there happy to bloodsuck their way up the ladder with no care for how it affects their immortal soul.

Expect a 60s psychedelic-colored belter
and ditto video clip. Quirky and droll.

Check it out…

WAXX: Facebook – Instagram

(photo by Lindsay Beaumont)

Who: Seasoned indie trio from Portland, Oregon who had their
eponymous debut album out in 2019 and the follow-up named II
lands on 18 November. ‘II’ marks a new era for the band. Heavier and
more expansive, the album ventures into the realm of metallic hardcore
with fierce-some riffing and dynamic tempo changes.
Pre-order info here.

New single: BLACK/ORANGE

Holy fucking smoke. I hope your stereo is resilient enough to survive this
rampant razorblade rocket. Prepare your lungs for this screamtastic stunner.

Right here…

BOTHERS: Facebook – Instagram

5 New Indie Injections – Week 44 – 2022

New rad indie cuts to charge your batteries with, weekly

1 November 2022

Who: The sonic project of Eszter Anna Baumann
and Davy Knobel based in The Netherlands. Their music
consists of rock, avant-garde, and folk music elements with
a catchy pop vibe, inspired by the music scene of the 70’s,
80’s and 90’s.

New single: DAMIAN

Anna Baumann singer: “What happens if you fall in love with the son of the devil? This thought brought me into a creative mood while writing this track with Davy. Our common obsession towards the misty October nights and adoration towards classic horror movies such as The Omen took us on an imaginary magical trip from which we could bring these melodies home”.

Damian (the satanic boy from 1976 horror movie classic The Omen) is a high-powered
and blistering stunner of a cracker. Baumann‘s sky-scraping vocals are staggering and
the ongoing disco-punk beat makes your head spin 360°.



Who: Hit team formed through a shared love for London’s DIY music scene.
Their songs draw no boundaries – no subject is too confusing, no sound too
eclectic. The band write collaboratively, harnessing the noise and energy
that comes from playing together.

New single: 3000 YEARS IN SHOWBUSINESS (wicked title)
A piece from their upcoming – 2nd – EP following their first
one Digging, released earlier this year.

Turn Up The Volume featured these gunslingers several times before.
And it will happen again as long as they come up with razorblade rippers
like on their debut EP and like this new corker with raw riffs, cutting
like a Swiss knife.

Nothingheads are part of the British post-punk revival with bands such as
Crows, Ditz, Shame, The Murder Capital, Sorry, black midi and The Snuts. And
that says a lot about their capacities.

Let’s roll.


Who: Hearty 4-piece from Boston

A standout track of their high-energetic Aloha,
released last May. Check it out here.

My oh my, do I love buzzing belters like this activating my body with a striking shot
of adrenalin. Think the riot grrrl dash of Bikini Kill mixed with the gusto of The Donnas.
Get the sonic picture? Get ready to rumble.



Who: British noise trio

Debut single: LOVER

Both a gloomy and foot-tapping drum/bass are the backbone of this ominous post-punk stroke. Haunting guitar layers inject this jaw-dropper with edgy electricity, grim vocals add a kind of dark tension, while the sickly catchy groove rattles on and on, before a surprising finish with a weeping violin.

The video features the English comedian Sean Walsh in a much darker tone than his usual TV appearances, as he is seen battling his inner demons through the bottom of a whisky bottle.


Band: GUEST DIRECTORS (Seattle, Washington)
Sound: A lot of reverb, but not really shoegaze. A lot of guitar hooks, but not really
power pop. A lot of woozy female and male vocals, but not really dream pop.


One of the band’s oldest songs that had never seemed to fit with previous recording sets. The decision to finally record the banger was a no-brainer. Part of their high-energetic album Aloha, released last May.

Words Disappear is a head-over-heals, riff-roaring stormer without brakes
or breaks, agitated male/female vocals, and a robust chorus. Score!

Stream/buy here…


5 New Indie Injections – Week 43 – 2022

Five new rad indie cuts to recharge your batteries with, weekly

24 October 2022

Who: A singer-songwriter, performer, and producer,
currently based in the East Midlands of England.


It’s the first single of her upcoming debut album Living Rooms, out on 20 January 2023.
A record that will tell stories of multiple lives lived and lost in the city, of friendships that meant everything and the characters you’ll never meet again, of transience and loneliness, and of getting by and moving on; it promises to be every bit as enrapturing and
enigmatic as the artist at its core.

Two experimental artists popped up in my mind upon hearing Quintessential England. Firstly legend Kate Bush because of the capricious turn and twist pop briskness at play here and also Goldfrapp‘s ghostly vocality. Need to know more? I don’t think so. Yes, something special is coming up…

FE SALOMON: Facebook – Instagram

Artist: DAZY
Who: The moniker of Richmond, VA-based
musician James Goodson

New single: ON MY WAY

From his upcoming debut album OUTOFBODY – a 12-song / 25-minute debut that was narrowed down from over 100 songs. Perfect bite-sized fuzzed-out pop songs that will
get stuck in your head like bubblegum. Out 28 October via Lame-O Records.

On My Way is a glam wham-bam psych juggernaut that
activates your adrenalin stream on the spot. Bingo.

Start here…

DAZY: Twitter – Instagram

Who: Louisville-based songstress making music
somewhere between daydream punk and overcast pop.

Track/video: DIERN
From her new 3-track EP
Nobody Parties (Like Molly).

Molly O’Malley “I think this is the first ‘diss’ track I’ve ever written. Felt really good to write.
It’s about having a friendship with a narcissist, and all the ways they try to bring their friends down around them. Fun fact about this song is that it was written and recorded on one of Joe Trohman (of Fall Out Boy)’s guitars.
” –

Diern is a wayward moving groove inflamed with crackling guitar layers while O’Malley‘s spooky vocality sneers all over it, accentuating the fear factor of this electrically-charged crackerjack. Top stuff.

Catch the heat here…

MOLLY O’MALLEY: Facebook – Instagram

Who: A one-person operation conceived, performed, and maintained by Tommy Ratz,
an elusive character who allegedly operates out of a small studio in the sewers beneath Minneapolis, MN where he is surrounded by synthesizers, guitars, and fast food wrappers. Unable to get internet or television signals in the sewer, Ratz collects discarded VHS tapes, audio cassettes, and brochures, which inform his sense of reality and worldview. As a result, he is regularly expectant of national threats that have long passed, and wildly behind on trends and cultural norms.


Whether the story above of this Einzelgänger is true or not, it’s definitely a fascinating one. No wonder he makes manic-motorik-driven electro-drum-jagged jams like this in his haunted house.

Press play and let your head spin…

TOILET RATS: Instagram

(Photo by Henrik Pultz Melbye)

Who: A world beat ensemble from Denmark

New single: Vår

“Vår is a stream of thoughts about the times we live in and how we perceive both looking ahead to the future but also very much clinging on to the past. It’s about the eternal desire of man to dream away to a better place and about how we often miss the times behind us and re-imagine them like dreams.“

It’s the first taster of their new album M​ø​rket på Solens Krop (‘The darkness upon
the body of the sun
’) set for a release on January 27th, 2023. More info here.

Expect scintillating world music beats, trance-like electronic vibrancy, and eerie chants. When music sounds this engrossing you don’t need to understand the words to get into the core of it.

Capture the mood here…

KLIMAFORANRINGER: Facebook – Instagram

5 New Indie Injections – Week 42 – 2022

New rad indie cuts to recharge your batteries with, weekly

18 October 2022


Who: A Belgian singer-songwriter called Mauger Mortier who wrote songs just for himself recorded them on old cassettes, and kept them safe in a box. A trip to Costa Rica, a music studio with jungle view and some lucky shots later, and suddenly a band was shaped and led to their debut album Sunday Competiton in 2019, followed by their 2nd one, the new excellent Shiny. Stream here.

Track: NR 79

“Fall always comes. It gets cold and wet and everything dies. But there’s one last furious burst of colour as the trees go bare. We might not have any control over how things change or how fast they change, but sometimes we can still appreciate the beauty.

Nr 79 has that jangly guitar resonance of The Velvet Underground‘s hypnotic Run Run Run jam. Expect an ongoing Krautrock-like magnetic flow that gets under your skin from the kick-off while the vocals give this swinger an extra feel of 70s underground psychedelia that sounds as fresh as back then.

Also st(r)eaming on Spotify.

MAUGER: Facebook

Who: Spacey shoegazers from Italy. Their work is loaded with stringed
and electronic sounds, laid down through a multilayering approach that
has more in common with Indian traditional music and Techno,


The new single from the trio’s upcoming third
album, named Space Trips For The Masses

“Space Trip For The Masses’ is inspired by the recent hype around space tourism projects.
It deals with the theme of inner search for happiness through the story of an amateur astronaut, who sets off towards the sun without returning home. The songs revolve around spiralling drones, evolving from electronic patterns, humming of sitars, noises from the immediate surroundings like the buzzing of a fridge, and guitar layers with unusual tunings. It
is an inverse and deconstructional composition process, where drones become the canvas as the band discover the harmonies from within noises, until the songs take on a life of their own.”

If I tell you that my ears here echoes of The Brian Jonestown Massacre
and The Black Angels on Drowning you know that you’ll enter a dark space
with enigmatic, psychedelic encounters.

Roll the tape and get puzzled…


Who: Three long-time friends and musicians from St. Catharines, Ontario sharing a mutual love of 80s dance music. Finding lyrical inspiration from mundane observation, magazine articles and life experiences. Musical inspiration from acoustic drums, electric bass and synthesizers.


Summer’s Over sounds like summer is not over, yet this tune has a melancholic touch, probably because summer is over. Anyway you can move your hips sensually to this
sticky synth daydream in motion.

Here we go…

Also on Spotify.


Who: A non-conformist artistic collective from Rotterdam, The Netherlands that
wants to enlighten everyone with pure indie rock ‘n’ roll and absurdist clips. The
group consists of musicians, filmmakers, photographers and actors. They are for love, tolerance and equality and try to fight conservatism, racism and bourgeoisie culturally.

Track: ICON

Haunting mystique swells into an invigorating rock flair, bolstered by brass and
ghostly vocal layers on this new artistique piece. It’s pure pop rapture with playful
twists and turns. Both ingenious and instantly arresting. Top.

Watch the accompanying surrealistic video,
a penchant of the act’s visual-heavy style.


Who: Pysch rock duo hailing from the dark corners
of some of Manchester’s dingiest bars, The Strange Dream. .

Debut single: ORANGE

About the writing process: “We wrote the song after attending a happydaze gig.
Inspired by the headline act and the rhythms we had not previously tried to incorporate
into our songwriting. We found it somewhat challenging trying to create something outside
the scope of what we normally would go to. It turned into a fun exercise that allowed us to expand our creative pallets.”

Orange brings 60s sparkling underground guitar psychedelia back.
It’s an almost full instrumental trip, electrifying and mesmerizing.

Pretty special.


5 New Indie Injections – Week 41 – 2022

New rad indie cuts to re-charge your batteries with, weekly

10 October 2022

(photo by Niklas Hawkesworth)

Who: Formed by five friends from Svendborg, Denmark in 2011. Since then, the sextet has been refining their unique take on psych rock, music for the inner journey, carried forward by melody, groove and soundscapes exploding in grand crescendos.

Third shared track from the upcoming new
album – their 3rd – Memory Terrain, landing
on 4 November.

Johannes Havemann Linnet Kissov (lead singer): “Chaos is the Plan is very much about atmosphere. The industrial, smoldering and slightly clubby atmosphere seems almost cinematic to me. The final form of the lyrics depicts a semi-sociopathic character drifting aimlessly quietly in the shadows, in disturbingly calm dialogue with himself.”

Expect a hypnotic and magnetic psych jam moving
hauntingly propelled by a groovy bass riff, sinister
synth layers, weeping guitars and emotive vocals.
Grand score!


RED LAMA: Facebook – Instagram

Who: Gritty Indie Rock & Roll band
based in Bristol, UK


The sassy swagger of early Oasis and the energizing emotionality
of the Manics. Pretty cool, right? You betcha. Electrical Britpop
at its fervent best. Fabulous stroke!

TWIN CITY: Facebook

Who: Little is known about the identity of this British musician.
His debut album Shadow of a Wrecking Ball was released in 2019.

A piece from the upcoming Halloween
EP Death & Consequences, out on 28 October.

Noir: “I was writing at the piano and kept feeling a tap on the back, I was initially scared to death, I could feel a strange dark force feeding me words which I wrote down’ and decided to embrace it and use it. It was all I had. Sometimes inspiration can come from a strange place, and this was quite intense to say the least.”

Set at the frenzied speed of 165bpm, ‘Burn Bundy Burn‘ lurches out of the stereo
like Squeeze having a stab at “Bat Out Of Hell” while dialling up the fear factor to 11. The song is about American serial killer Ted Bundy (1946-1989).

It’s an zipped earworm fos sinister souls motorzied with schizophrenic
guitars, sultry sax fragements, pitty piano touches and menacing vocals.

Smell the sizzling sound
of the electric chair below…

LE CYGNE NOIR: Facebook – Instagram

(Photo by Ally Gonzalo)

Who: Indie art-rockers from Winnipeg, CA

New single: HEAD RUSH

Epic sonority, amplified pop grandeur, towering vocals
and an overall stupefying saxophone-spiced cantata. Stellar!

Tune in and get puzzled…


YES WE MYSTIC: Facebook – Instagram

Who: Femal fronted acid punk duo. A crossover between German punk, Wave / Postpunk and Industrial. They pair uptempo tracks with dadaesc German lyrics on the adversities of life (as a woman and in general).

From the pair’s new forthcoming EP.

This electronic kamikaze knockout rushes and races
like a fucked-up runaway train on its way to crash.

I dig this. You’ll dig this. I went bonkers, you’ll go bonkers.
I jumped up and down like a kangaroo on drugs, so will you.

Right here, right now…

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5 New Indie Injections – Week 40 – 2022

New rad indie cuts to re-charge your batteries with, weekly

3 October 2022

Band: GRLwood
Who: The musical project of singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist Rej Forester that started solo in 2016. GRLwood currently performs as a duo, consisting of Forester and drummer, Mia Morris.


The track maintains a retro, dream-like beat with punching vocals that hone in on the song’s message. This single deals with the often taboo subject of child abuse, and suicidal feelings from an early age. Although it can be hard to digest, the reality is that many children are in situations where they have similar feelings. Now that Rej is out of that situation, she is healing her inner child, and through this song, she hopes to help others feel less isolated in whatever they are going through.

Kid Bruises is a massive power-pop shout-out fed by anger, frustration
and hearftelt resentment following horrible experiences as a child.

Share this around your social media. It’s a crime to ignore this awful reality

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Who: Indie youngsters from Wales

“Think youthful arrogance, raucous guitars, explosive drums and anthemic vocals
soaked in enough saturation to get you sweating and begging for more. That’s Ratoon!”

Single: MY MONEY

“It’s about the current climate. The government and current climate seem to be inflating the cost of living and the working man seem to be having their hard earned money taken away. Whether it’s increased tax and electric, to gas to heat their home.”

This is what real punk ‘n’ roll is about. It’s played by young wolves who rattle and clatter with a critical attitude, rebellious vim and titanic tunes like this. Holy smoke, here come some juvenile must-hear gunslingers.

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Band: FEEP
Who: Boston 4-piece born from a cosmic spark shooting a
across the void and into your sensory organs.

Debut single: TAKE A PILL

Robert McDonald (guitarist/co-vocalist: “It’s a sarcastic commentary
on today’s society, and how we must tone ourselves down in order to belong.”

This spellbinding mid-tempo psych jam circles around a bad-ass rotating
riff that you can’t get out of your flipped-out mind afterward for a while.

Trust me, FEEP will be your new favorite medication.

Buy your pill here.

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Who: Rebellious noisenik trio

From their brand new debut EP Outlet. Check it out here.

Jacob Kyte (singer-guitarist) says, “We’ve come out the arse-end of a global pandemic,
only to be greeted by a massive increase in living costs, with a government that doesn’t give
a fuck about their country, or have any interest in fixing it — but kudos to them for no longer hiding their disdain for ordinary people.”

This is a full-blast-on sharp-cutting sledgehammer.
Nasty, provocative, and in-your-ugly-government-face.
Hell yeah!

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Who: A singer-songwriter from Alliston, Ontario
bringing Edgy Rock with a dash of humour – don’t call it dad rock.

New single: DE-EVOLUTION

“The melody and words for “De-Evolution” came pretty easily, after a brief exploration of social media. I learned really quickly that it’s best to ignore the majority of what people are arguing about online, regardless of whichever side they are on. That idea inspired the lyrics.”

Is it the end of the modern world, as we know, it? I have no clue, really,
but it’s not like we all do enough to avoid a total breakdown.

Anyway, Boyer, translates his pessimistic views on this matter into a guitar-insane blues belter for all of us who don’t care but should. Play it to the max and hope that one day – rather sooner than later – everybody loves everybody.

Turn up the heat here.