Weekly Fuel With 5 NEW INDIE INJECTIONS – Part 2

Weekly indie fuel

16 January 2023

Who: Utterly cool British spooky
punk-wave-electro-Goth artist.

New single: HEATER

TUTV: Heather sounds like Courtney Love, pretty addicted on Nina Hagen
while banging her head to a wall and thinking she’s Fever Ray in the end.

Crazily awesome, right? you bloody betcha.

PRETTY ADDICTED: Facebook – Instagram

Who: KV Hopper – a musician and product designer living in Portland, OR – and Elizabeth LoPiccolo is a musician, film photographer, and performer living in Brooklyn, New York.

Piece from their upcoming EP ‘Everyone in Water‘ out 20th Jan (digitally)
and 21st Feb (Vinyl) via Hidden Harmony Records.

TUTV: Trippy, dancey, vibey and dreamy. This contagious pop tune is
so refreshing and stimulating, brightened by LoPiccolo‘ uplifting vocality
that it puts a big smile on your face.

Tune in.

LONG TWINS: Instagram

Who: Italian post-punk act.

Single/video: THIN ICE
From their buzzing debut album Fiesta.

“Musically, it’s a nervous mid-tempo post-punk-ska orchestral tune, sort of Talking Heads-esque. Lyrically, it is quite representative of our approach, both as people and as a band. An approach that can be summed up by the famous Winston Churchill’s quote: “If you’re going through hell, keep going”. We learnt, as musicians and young adults, that things tend not to work properly way more often than they do. But it’s not a big deal, It’s actually what makes life, love and art so special”.

TUTV: Mid-tempo razzle-dazzle groove you can show your best ska moves to.

LEATHERETTE: Facebook – Tour Dates 2023

Who: A fuzzy alt rock band from Wales.
The Pixies, Weezer and Pavement think
they’ve died and gone to Jazzmaster heaven.


TUTV: Unlucky has a slow-mo Dinsosaur Jr slacker vibe fueled with glowing
guitars. It has a slowly but surely addictive impact after a couple of spins.

Feel lucky here.

SWAN HILL: Facebook

Photo by Gavin McCleod

Who: Canadian singer-songwriter.

New single: NOBODY BUT YOU

“Have you ever been so helplessly in love with something that you know is without a doubt, so bad for you? For me, that love isn’t for a person but a twisted state of mind. For ‘Nobody But You,’ I wanted to create a dark dreamy atmosphere with a lot of room for vocals. I wrote this song on piano, in a tiny closet on a cassette player, with the hope that it would sound a lot bigger than reality.’

TUTV: Nothing But You is an electrically-charged reverie, a guitar-and-vocal powered stroke with an insidiously hypnotic effect. Top stuff!


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