WEEKLY INDIE FUEL – Catch These 5 New Injections

Indie fuel for the coming 7 days

6 February 2023

(Photo by Phil Silverberg)

Who: Energetic trio featuring members from
Shudder To Think, Guided By Voices and
The Dambuilders.

Track: WHAT IF?
Along with Dime A Dozen the first shared pieces
of their self-titled debut LP, out on 17 March.

TUTV: This freaked-out, riff-roaring sucker-punch could
easily come from a Hüsker Dü LP. Herky-jerky electricity with
a sickly steamed-up sticky chorus. Wowzers. I want more.

Tune in.

QUIZ SHOW: Facebook – Instagram

(Photo by Kevin W Condon)

Who: Post-punk duo from Brooklyn.

Newest single from upcoming album
Lost Hymns. Pre-order info here.

TUTV: Hammering drum hits and an agitated bass riff set the shadowy darkwave
tone from the get-go. Immediately followed by dim-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel
synths, neurotic guitars and disturbed vocals. This requiem gets under your skin in
an eye-ear-blink.

Press play.

A CLOUD OF RAVENS:  Facebook – Instagram

Photo Credit: Nic Schoppet

Who: A songstress from Småland, Sweden

Debut single: HEAVY OBJECTS

“It’s a song about letting go of the emotions and situations that
drag you down. It conveys sweet melancholy, charming cheekiness
and a hint of stubbornness, all held together by her pin sharp attitude.”

TUTV: Heavy Objects is a hypnotic rush of adrenalin from start to finish.
A spellbinding, guitar-tingling, synth-glisting pop-tastic tune. The ones
the repeat button was invented for. Capice?

Check in.

DOTTIE ANDERSSON: Facebook – Instagram

Who: A Greater Manchester 5-piece, channeling a stirring mix of euphonious
guitar riffs and stadium sized melodies, have adapted their sound over the years
blending the gothic and jangly influences of the 80s underground scene whilst
announcing the bold artistic intentions of the band; the reinvention of romanticism
in a 21st century guise.

Track: FEVER

TUTV: Expect a dance-vibe-injected banger fueled by voltaic guitar pyrotechnics,
a head-twisting rhythm and a dynamite chorus going sky-high. Home run!

Play here.


(Photo by Robert Grieb)

Who: Berlin-based songstress whose heart beats for rock/pop,
so she writes authentic experiences in her self-written lyrics. Her
sound is energetic, epic, rhythmic and has lot of guitars in it.

New single: GIVE IT TO ME

Mareeka: “The song shows me as a strong, independent woman who
can accomplish anything I set my mind to. The song means a lot to me
because it gives me motivation, not to be afraid, no matter what or who
comes to life.”

TUTV: On this towering power-pop sucker punch Mareeka‘s vox is
the imposing heroine flanked with burning guitar fervor. She stands,
performs and sings loud and proud. Don’t mess with her. Top stroke!


MAREEKA: Facebook – Instagram

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