WAKE-UP CALL – Criminal Corker Of A Single By GABRIELLE VAUGHN

Works faster than caffeine

3 October 2022

Who: Ohio singer-songwriter one-third
of Nashville girl group ElectraQueens.

Debut single: CRIMINAL

It’s Vaughn‘s first solo single showcasing the Ohio native’s tenacious rock-and-roll spirit. Opening with the sound of a car zooming away on a blacktop, she unfurls the story of
a sexy Bonnie-and-Clyde romance.

The gritty lyricism evokes the image of bright headlights, cigarette smoke, and leather jackets (“Dirty ride, got my lover inside/Severed ties while I’m counting my knives/Feel my heartbeat rush, from the dark in your touch/Saying hush, as they’re gaining on us”) that encompass the dark rock-based aesthetic that the singer exudes.

The power of a good guitar and bass riff is revisited throughout the song and ties a common thread from the electrifying beginning to the bitter end. Though Vaughn’s
caper ends in defeat, the journey along the way is a wild success.

Go criminal here…

GABRIELLE VAUGHN: Website – Instagram

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