Wake-Up Call – The New Blistering BRUTUS Blast ‘WHAT HAVE WE DONE’ Is A Skyscraping Stunner

Works faster than caffeine

6 October 2022

Blistering Belgian metallic force BRUTUS have their
3rd LP baptized UNISON LIFE out on 21 October.

Pre-order info here.

Ahead of it, the amazeballs power trio dropped another piece
from the forthcoming album. WHAT HAVE WE DONE is a slow-mo
blast developing a Herculean wall-of-turbulent sound with drummer
Stefanie Mannaerts‘s dominant voice in the middle backed by schizophrenic
guitars. It’s a skyscraping stunner that causes goosebumps along its
hellacious way. Without a shadow of a doubt one of their best efforts ever.

Once more we sing along
To this never-ending song
Once more we carry on the pain
What have we done

Press play and get puzzled.

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