7-Inch History – BEE GEES 55 Years Ago Today

Great 7″ singles/sleeves/vinyl

19 October 2022

The Gibb brothers scored their first of five number-one hits in the UK
with MASSACHUSETTS this day 55 years ago. They also topped the charts
with it in 12 other countries, while in the US the single peaked at #11.

Barry Gibb: “There are two different memories, Robin remembers us doing it in a boat going around New York City. And I remember us checking in at the St. Regis with Robert, going to the suite, and while the bags were being brought in we were so high on being in New York, that’s how ‘Massachusetts’ began. I think we were strumming basically the whole thing, and then I think we went on a boat round New York. I don’t know if we finished it, but I think that’s where the memories collide. Everybody wrote it. All three of us were there when the song was born.”

And the lights all went out…

BEE GEES: Bio – Discography

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