Groovy Blues Rock Electricity With ELK CITY And New Single ‘THAT SOMEONE’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

19 October 2022

(Photo credit Renée LoBue)

Who: Indie rock team from NYC / Montclair, NJ
FFO: 10,000 Maniacs, The Fiery Furnaces, Throwing
Muses, John Cale, PJ Harvey, Cate LeBon, Luna

New single: THAT SOMEONE
2nd shared track from their upcoming album
Above The Water
arriving this Friday. Order info here.

TUTV: That Someone grooves and moves from the get-go fueled by a rotating guitar
riff that’s the backbone of this blues rock jam all the blustery way, while another guitar generates glimmering electricity with a psychedelic reverberation as you can hear
regularly in Interpol songs.

Engrossing vocalist Renée LoBue makes the spellbinding feel complete. It’s like if
60s/70s legends Jefferson Airplane fronted by the resistless Grace Slick are back
and it sounds glorious. Don’t you want somebody to love? Yes? Pick Elk City.

Let’s roll

I know where I need to bend my head
Nobody’s fashion gets me way ahead
Slide of hand
I know I can believe
One kiss in my pocket
I know I can be

Flying overhead when I didn’t have a plane
I knew just enough
I did not go insane
I went so high
Lost my soul
I went so high
Lost my cell phone

Oh, here comes that someone
Oh, here comes that someone

A little velvet plane I could not reach
A little out of touch
Enough to break free
How did I know to get so high
When nobody ever tried to stop (me)

Oh, here comes that someone

Change in me
We’re still alive

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