Wake-Up Call – ACE OF WANDS With Their New Capricious Power Pop Single ‘DESIRING YOU’

Works faster than caffeine

26 October 2022

Who: Dream pop/rock trio from Ontario, CA

New single: DESIRING YOU

Lee Rose (AOW): “The song was inspired by a toxic relationship and the addictive and sometimes destructive nature of desiring what is not good for me. I was trying to put music
to the feeling of being completely un-seen by the person I most desired being with. The song explores the tension, the anger and my ultimate refusal to be strung along.”

TUTV: Throughout the edged power pop stream of this capricious tune, you feel
both the yearning libido and fear the protagonist experienced while being in a
hazardous relationship. I’m not really sure why, but almost from the song’s start
the 1988 movie The Unbearable Lightness of Being where desire is a tricky affair
too, popped up in my mind.

Desiring You creeps under your skin with its agitated vocals, its flustered sonority,
and its turbulent rock dynamism. You’ll desire to hear this on repeat for a while.

Here we go.

Also streaming on Spotify

ACE OF WANDS: Instagram – Facebook

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