Songsmith ROB MUNK Grooves On New Single ‘YOUTH’

New striking strokes

3 November 2022

(Photo credit: Iam Williams)

Artist: ROB MUNK
Who: Singer-songwriter from Montclair, NJ
FFO: Sebadoh, Built To Spill, Pavement, Granddaddy, Sparklehorse,
Belle And Sebastian, The Shins, Built To Spill, Guided By Voices, Big Star,
The Replacements, Parquet Courts

New single: YOUTH
Cut from the upcoming album Phased Out

Rob Monk about the song: “When we’re young, mistakes and triumphs are often indistinguishable but at least it’s all exciting. We could probably all write this song,
and extend it for a thousand verses. I wanted to try something simple, where the verse
and chorus had the same chord progression. I always liked songs that were able to pull
that off. Producer Ray Ketchem referenced Love and Rockets when we tracked this, which
felt perfect because Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven was one of my favorite records
during peak adolescence.”

TUTV: Youth is a reflective, laid-back groove with a psychedelic vibration.
Its sticky revolving guitar riff gets under your skin faster than you can say
to hell with Putin. Sit down, relax, and tap your feet to the beat.


ROB MUNK: Linktree

New album PHASED OUT arrives 18 November – pre-order info here.

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