All You Need Is Love – Los Angeles Trio MAGNA ZERO Share Slow-Burning Cry-Out ‘ENDURE’

New striking strokes

8 November 2022

Who: Lifelong friends and bandmates from Los Angeles who explore what it
means to be human through their music with a journey through a metaphorical
black hole with the band as they meld an unforgettable musical experience
into their colorful cauldron of Space Rock.

Illustration of the heart-shaped cosmic nebula glowing in space

New single: ENDURE
The second new piece, following We Are All , from their
debut album which will come from space to earth early
next year.

TUTV: The message here is the same as John Lennon‘s timeless
one ‘All You Need Is Love‘ but the sonic tone is different. Endure is
a slow-burning, passionate cry-out that progresses crescendo into
a boisterous and heavy-electric ode to what makes us survive. LOVE.

We can kill to live
We can live to die
From this state of mind
I open up my eyes
Watch the grains of sand
Through the hourglass
Love endures
Life in space and time
Illusion of the mind
Love endures
Love endures
All will pass
Only love will last

Also streaming on Spotidy

MAGNA ZERO: Facebook – Instagram

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