LUNAR TWIN Score Striking Video Clip For New Spacey Single ‘BEYOND THE SUN’

Eye-catching visuals

9 November 2022

Who: A dreamwave duo from Hawai/Salt Lake City formed in 2013 that
explore “space- and time theories, nature and culture. Their music connects
with the lyrical themes through spacey soundscapes with use of guitar reverbs,
electronics and nature sounds.”
They record the music and vocals separately,
on locations far apart (Hawaii and Salt Lake City).

New single: BEYOND THE SUN

First shared piece from their forthcoming, second, album titled Aurora,
which lands on the 1st of December. It follows their magnific debut LP
Ghost Moon Ritual

Beyond The Sun is a spacey sonic trip, an ambient fantasy with trancy vibrations,
ataractic effects, and near-whispering vocals. The rotating synth riff creates a mind
relaxing sensation. Both sedative and utopian. Unfortunately, the dream lasts for
only 2.21 minutes. A 10-minute 12″ version would excite my greedy ears and my imagination a lot. Bring it on.

The accompanying video clip is directed by Mizuki Hayashi with animated, futuristic
visuals, psychedelic snippets, and Lunar Twin popping up here and there. Absolutely striking.


Artwork new album AURORA. Out 1 December.

LUNAR TWIN: Facebook – Instagram

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