Canadian Hard Rockers THE JAILBIRDS Cover Their Idols DEEP PURPLE

10 November 2022

Who: Hard hittin’ rock unit from Ontario, CA

Original by legends Deep Purple from their LP
Machine Head which topped the UK Charts
50 years ago.

Single art by Mikhael Feliks

The band:‘Highway Star’ was one of, if not the first cover song we learned
as a band when we started. It had everything a band needed to be able to do,
packed into one song. The solos, the rhythms, the vocals, it’s all there, and it’s
all on 11. It is quite a tough song to play, and we saw it as a challenge for
ourselves. It has become the staple song we always cover live when time
allows for it.”

I’m pretty sure that Deep Purple would dig this superheated version.
It has all the Purple characteristics. hair-raising guitar riffs and solos,
relentless drum/bass puissance, sky-scraping vocals, and the volume
to the max. Hell bloody highway hell!

Bang your head here…

Original version

THE JAILBIRDS: Facebook – Instagram

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